Matura je cjelosedmični događaj koji je domaćin od strane studentske vlade koja obuhvaća razne aktivnosti. Nekoliko različitih dana oblačenja se održava tokom cijele sedmice, što dovodi do "dana duhova" u petak na utakmici. I u petak se održava festival podrške. Nastava je skraćena i kralj i kraljica mature su krunisani tokom Pep fest, jer su izabrani od studentskog suda za plemstvo. Nakon festivala, parada se odvija u Excelsior-u. Kasnije uvečer, studenti prisustvuju utakmici igara na plesu, i učestvuju na formalnom plesu naredne noći.

Polar Plunge is an icy jump into Lake Minnetonka at Bayview in Excelsior. Sign up online to save $5. Bring a towel, change of clothes and wear a swimsuit. Be sure to check the Minnetonka student, teacher, alumni or community member on the registration form so we get credit for all the “Tonka Tough” people! Remember, for every 10 people who jump, ALARC will donate $100 to our Minnetonka Heart Week Family Friends.

Sweethearts is the Valentine's Day dance, which is preceded by Heart Week. Much like Spirit Week of Homecoming, Heart Week includes dress-up days and a day where students participate in events such as the Man Pageant, Ultimate Frisbee and other fun activities. Money raised through these events supports local, non-profit organizations. The Sweethearts dance is unique in the fact that girls are encouraged to ask their partners to the dance rather than vice versa.

Prom traditionally takes place on one of the first Friday night in May. All junior and senior students are invited to attend. Freshmen and sophomore students may attend the dance with a junior or senior. This is a historically formal dance. View Prom details on the MHS website.

The Talent Show is a performance that displays Minnetonka High School's most talented and entertaining individuals and groups to the school and community. Participants audition for admittance and then perform their talents and abilities for one or two nights.