Minnewashta volunteers make a difference!

Find flexible volunteer opportunities – evening, weekend and day shifts – that fit your schedule and build community within our school. Check out our PTO Committee list for available opportunities.

We love to hear from you. Contact VCMinnewashta@gmail.com to find your dream volunteer role or click on the Organizational Chart below to learn more about each position.

Click here to view the PTO Org Chart.

We are thrilled to have the help, support and presence of our volunteer parents. In order to provide a safe environment, where children are our first priority, we need to adhere to following procedures:

  • Check-in procedure: It is essential that all volunteers in the building sign in and use visitor badges provided by the school.
  • Confidentiality: Educators recognize the importance of confidentiality. Everyone is more secure in an environment where the privacy of the child and the child's family is respected. We expect the same commitment to confidentiality from our volunteers as we do from ourselves.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer in their children’s classroom. Teachers will typically have classroom volunteer opportunities available at Curriculum Night and will communicate other volunteer needs throughout the year.


We have a strong tradition of volunteering at Minnewashta Elementary. Parents, guardians, and family members are involved in so many aspects of our children’s education. We hope every parent can find at least one way to help each year. All PTO Volunteer opportunities (with descriptions) are posted on our website at the beginning of each school year. You can access and sign up for these opportunities year round. Computers are set up in the school lobby during Curriculum Nights for you to use to sign up, as well. Throughout the year, various committees may also distribute volunteer request forms.

Background Check Process for Volunteers

Da bi osigurali sigurnost naših učenika, tražimo provjeru kriminalnog porijekla na slijedecem:

  • Svaki volonter koji se bavi studentima izvan kampusa.
  • Svaki dobrovoljac koji je odgovoran za rad sa studentima u kampusu, ali ne pod nadzorom nastavnika koji je licenciran.

Volunteer background checks do not need to be done every year. Once you have been approved through our volunteer background check process, you will be cleared to volunteer into the future without going through the process again.

To inquire whether you already have a cleared volunteer background check on file, please contact either the main office or Human Resources at 952-401-5014.

Obrazac za kriminalni dosje na mreži zahteva da obezbedimo autorizaciju za razne kriminalne provjere:

  • Nacionalna historija seksualnog prekršaja: obezbjeđuje provjeru seksualnih prestupnika svih 50 država plus okrug Kolumbija.
  • Kriminalna potraga za kriminalnom potragom za 47 država plus okrug Kolumbija.
  • Broj socijalnog osiguranja: pruža ime, aliase, 10-godišnju historiju adresa, i sve socijalne sigurnosne brojeve povezane sa pojedincem. Potvrđuje da je broj socijalnog osiguranja važeći, daje godine izdavanja i državne izdaje.

The background checks will be done at the District’s expense and information will be kept confidential. Human Resources staff members will review the results of each background check. If there are any concerns regarding the results of a background check, Human Resources will contact that individual directly within 24-48 hours after receiving the results. If you are not contacted within 48 hours after filling out the background check form you are clear to volunteer. The online form includes an option for volunteers to request a copy of their own report.

Hvala vam na suradnji dok nastavljamo da održavamo sigurnu i sigurnu obrazovnu sredinu za naše studente.

Click here to complete the volunteer background check

Note: If you are a current employee of Minnetonka Schools, you are already cleared to work in the District, so do not need to complete the volunteer background check.