Studentska parking

Daily Permits

Daily passes are only available for purchase online. They are no longer available to buy at the bursar’s office. The lot frequently sells out, so please plan ahead!

  • A limited number of Daily Permits are available each school day.
  • Permits must be purchased no later than 9:30 each day (if they are still available online)
  • Daily Permit parking is in the Lower Dome lot only.
  • When Daily Permits are sold out, secondary arrangements must be made to avoid being ticketed.
  • Daily Permits will be available for payment by 12:30 p.m. each Friday for permits valid for a single day the following week.

Purchase Daily Parking Permits

Due to limited parking space on campus, students requesting a parking permit will do so through a pool process. Permits are available to juniors and seniors who are either resident or open-enrolled and are licensed drivers.

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The permit application process for the 2020-21 school year will begin on Monday, Aug. 3, 2020 and will close on Thursday, Aug. 13, 2020. Parking permits are only issued to students in grades 11 and 12 and will be issued based on the number of licensed drivers in a carpool. If approved for a parking permit, students will be contacted via school email for distribution times and locations. All parking permits cost $300.

Note: To complete this form you will need a valid email address, driver information (including accurate Student ID Number for all drivers), and vehicle information (Make, Model, Color, Year, including License Plate for All Vehicles). You should only submit one application per permit. Please talk to your permit partner(s) to be sure duplicates are not submitted. Duplicate applications may cause a delay in the approval of your permit.

Begin the Parking Permit Application

The following pools will be used to issue permits:

  • Pool 1: Four licensed drivers with one Junior or Senior
  • Pool 2: Three licensed drivers with at least one Junior or Senior
  • Pool 3: Two licensed drivers with at least one Junior or Senior
  • Pool 4: Senior Individual
  • Pool 5: Junior Individual (Drawing will take place during the first week of school)

Permits will be drawn first from Pool 1, then Pool 2, and so on until all permits have been issued. Sophomores are not eligible for parking permits unless they are in a carpool with a junior or senior. Many of our students are highly involved–please plan your carpools carefully.

A checklist for the parking permit application is as follows:

  • Fill out a parking permit application.
  • Check school email for notification that you have been approved for a parking permit
  • Review the Parking Policies and complete the Parking Quiz.
  • Pay your parking permit fee in Skyward (Fee Management), after your carpool has been approved.
  • Pay all outstanding fees in Skyward (Fee Management), or plan to bring materials with you on the permit distribution days to have those fines removed if applicable.
  • Complete any outstanding detention hours.

Your application must be submitted and approved prior to making the payment. Please discuss your payment plans with your parking carpool to be sure the permit fee of $300 will be paid in full. Your permit fee will be assessed to your Skyward Fee Management account after approvals. Fees will split among carpool members as indicated on the permit application. The permit and all outstanding fees and fines for all carpool members must be paid in full before the permit will be released. You will save a lot of time on distribution days if you have the permit and all other outstanding fees paid online and in advance.

Please note, any student receiving a parking permit will not receive a seat on the school bus.

Parking permits will be put on hold for students having outstanding detention hours, or unpaid fees and fines. Permits will be released upon the completion of detention hours and/or the payment of fees and fines.

Be certain to bring your driver’s license on the permit distribution days and a check or cash if you have not paid online. Remember each person identified on the permit application must show their driver’s license before the permit will be granted.

All drivers are expected to use caution around the high school and park in appropriate spots. Parking fines can be paid at the Bursar's Office at Minnetonka High School or by credit card online using Skyward (Fee Management).

Parking Violations

Parking on campus is a privilege at MHS. It is important to remember that your partner’s actions in relation to: attendance, behavior, parking violations or outstanding fines may impact both holders of the permit and may result in the temporary loss of each holder’s parking privileges. Students are encouraged to keep this information in mind, when selecting a permit partner.

All Parking Violations (Permit Holders Only)

First Violation$10
Second Violation$20
Third Violation$30
Fourth ViolationRevocation of Permit

Parking on Campus Without a Permit

First Violation$20
Second Violation$30
Third Violation$40
Fourth ViolationVehicle will be towed

Car Boot Process and Fees

A boot will be put on a car when you have unresolved fees or an unidentified vehicle is parked in permit only lots. $25 fee will be assigned for removal.