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Freya Schirmacher

We at Minnetonka Middle School West are proud of our school and are committed to making it the best possible school for all of our students. We strive each and every day to provide a high quality education for our students. We also care about creating a culture that supports students as they navigate the adolescent years.

Our school is structured around the idea that when the adults work together and learn from each other, we are better at providing great teaching and learning experiences for our students. We are continually looking for ways to improve and help our students be increasingly successful. I am a principal who makes time each day to spend time in our classrooms to better support our students and teachers. It is the best part of the day!

We welcome you to visit Minnetonka Middle School West and hope that you will feel the dedication and commitment that the staff feels toward our students. The staff at Minnetonka Middle School West are enthusiastic, energetic, and motivated to help our students achieve. If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! You can reach me by email at: freya.schirmacher@minnetonkaschools.org or by phone at 952-401-5305.

Freya Schirmacher, Principal



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Freya Schirmacher

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